Handy Items to Keep in Your Truck

  • Handy Items to Keep in Your Truck

    Whether you are a long time trucker, or just getting started, being on the road for a long period of time requires a good amount of preparation to make sure you are comfortable and ready. There are the normal work preparations like getting your assignment and knowing your route. But there is also the packing preparations. Apart from what is always in your truck to keep it going like fluids and vehicle safety parts, there are some items you might want to add to your own bags for a just-in-case situation. Here are some of the types of bags you might want and items to keep in them.

    Safety bag:
    Nonperishable food items
    Battery-powered radio
    First aid kit
    Paper maps

    Tech bag:
    USB mobile-device charger
    Portable charger
    Life proof phone case
    Bluetooth speaker

    Comfort bag:
    Travel mug
    Small trash bag
    Air fresheners
    Baby wipes/hand sanitizer
    Extra change of clothes
    Extra stick of deodorant

    Trail mix
    Energy bars
    Portable fruit (apples, bananas, tangerines)
    Portable veggies (carrots, celery sticks, radishes)
    Ice packs
    Other fluids (sports drinks, soda, juice)

    These lists are not exhaustive by any means but are a good place to get started for you new truckers. The safety bag is by far the most important one to have because you never know what the weather might bring and you do not want to get caught in a situation where you need something but do not have it. For you veteran OTR drivers, what are your top items to have?

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