Staying Safe On The Road

  • Staying Safe On The Road

    Staying Safe On The Road

    Truck driving can be a dangerous job. Teletrac Navman put out a list of the most dangerous jobs and truck driving was number seven on the list. In the article, they say it is because of highway accidents. Obviously, nothing is more important than safety, so here is a list of ways to stay safe on the road:

    • Plan your trip ahead of time: it’s easy to want to grab your load and head out, depending on just GPS to get you where you need to go, but it is important to plan your route and any emergency routes ahead of time so there are few surprises.


    • Check your truck: always check your trailer and tractor to look for any problems that could arise while on the road.
    • Keep slow: speed can be a contributing factor when it comes to crashes. Trucks take longer to stop, so keeping slow can will help if sudden traffic needs you to stop.
    • Stay distraction free: there is absolutely no reason to use your phone while driving, there are other things that can take your eyes and mind off the road. Limited anything that can be an interference. Remember: hands free does not mean distraction free.
    • Weather: stay weather aware and know when it is no longer safe for you to stay on the road.


    Most of staying safe on the road is just being aware of your surroundings and being on the defensive. Pay attention and stay safe out there!

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